Monday, August 27, 2012

Important: Stopping Supplementation

I'm going to cease using supplements for a month except for the Fish Oil and the Swisse Mens Ultivites.

Stacks that Interest me are the CILTEP Stack, GPC(Choline)/Uridine/DHA stack and some form of *racetam/Choline stack.

I've read some interesting anecdotal and research reports relating to increased/excessive cAMP in the prefrontal cortex causing negative results to working memory.

To those of you taking Quercetin with this stack it is recommended you STOP.

While I haven't been using Quercetin as the PDE4 inhibitor, I will be ceasing the CILTEP stack altogether until there is more information available on this stack.

My first month on Piracetam was amazing but the effects have declined since. I have not been able to reach the same peak as the first time whenI took an attack dose
I cycled with Pramiracetam and also no results.
The crazy brain fog I experienced I can say was from taking Modafinil/Armodafinil

Basically I've done the rookies mistake which I have extensively read about but never practiced. Too much and all at one....
I think there are a few underlying issues I need to address before I start getting into these again.
Experimenting with each supplement individually to see how my body reacts. Excercise. Excercise. EXCERCISE

CILTEP, while increasing my mood, did not seem to affect me in the way that I had read. Long Term Potentiaion was not enhanced.

I've also been mixing with some Modafinils to work at night and then Valiums afterwards to get some rest due to work related stress

I need to get back to baseline. I'm trying to find out how long that is but 1 month seems reasonable.

The more i read the more options there are that are available to me. Whatever there is left of my supplements I will finish and then start

I've also started doing working on the following tests on

Suffice to say I'm pretty emabarassed by the scores but will post them shortly

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 5 - CILTEP + Pramiracetam (microdose)

Not much to report in today and will be a short entry today. I'm still feeling a tired after my late Sunday night work session.

Today I received my order of Swisse Men's Ultivites.
I was expecting a bottle of 120 tablets only to open up the package to find a bottle of 120 capsules instead... essentially only 60 days worth of multivitamins. I jumped onto the ebay purchase history page and lo-and-behold It had a picture of the 120 tablets bottle but in the item title it was labeled "120 Capsules". Sneaky fucker... I could've gotten the 60 tables which would be the same amount of days worth of multivitamins from my local grocery store much cheaper and quicker. Ah well...

Took my usual CILTEP supps in the morning with no effects of great significance or note worthy experience. At work today I spent the majority of my time doing menial tasks. I guess I COULD have spent my time working on the application mod for one of our clients.... but there was absolutely no motivation. I was sapped of energy. This resulted in an increased intake of caffeine compared to the usual to keep my energy and concentration levels up.

I'll continue this CILTEP stack until the weekend where I will take 2 days off. This will line up my days so that I can take them on the 5 days in the week with 2 days rest on the weekend.

I read the creator of the CILTEP stack had played around with dosages for a couple of months before finding the right dosage amounts and having great results. I'm in the same boat and I feel like I need to experiment with the dosage amounts too. Having started on the lower end, I can increase slowly then back off as soon as there are negative side effects.

The microdosages of Pramiracetam have been working good but do not last very long. My stint on Piracetam when I started nootropics yielded greater effects and now that I have some form of experience with dealing with brain fog, I feel a little more confident with increasing the dosages of Pramiracetam.

This weekend I'll try to find some time to write up my findings so far on CILTEP and delve into the details of findings and experiences of users.

------Daily Log------


08:30 (after breakfast)
50mg Pramiracetam
2g Fish Oil (EPA 360mg/DHA 240mg)
100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

2g Fish Oil (EPA 360mg/DHA 240mg)

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

------Daily Log------

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 4 - CILTEP + Armodafinil + Pramiracetam/Choline


That was my head this morning when my alarm went off at 06:30 and I had to get up after only ~3.5 hours sleep. Without even giving it a second thought I popped out an Armodafinil from the blister pack, downed it with some water and went back to sleep snoozing till 07:30 with the plan of waking up when the Armodafinil kicked in.

I have taken Armodafinil before but the conditions were very different to today. It was after a full nights sleep and, from what I remember, the effects were positive throughout the day. I was alert and focused. My speaking was fluent and concise and the ability to write was enhanced. Having previously had good experiences with it, I did not hesitate or think twice before taking it this morning. 

public void Sidenote(String youllSoonUnderstandHaha)

Just a bit about me so you can get a grasp of the context that following walloftext is in. I am highly doubtful of my skills as a software developer. I've never had any formal certification/education on the subject. Hell, I don't even know the correct process for a Software Development Life Cycle. Well, I think I understand the concept, but really I don't know what it is. Actually, I've only heard and read those words before but to me it's just 4 words.  My expectations in general are fairly high but can sink very low when lacking in motivation. Motivation for me sinks VERY fast when I don't see an expected outcome. The standard of these expected outcomes are usually pretty high due to my expectations. I guess it's standard psychology 101 stuff (I think?!) but as I said, just a sidenote for context.

The effects of the Armodafinil were subtle yet quite apparent when they took place (does that even make sense??). I was up and out of bed by 07:30, a bit later than usual. I would say that that if I had gotten up briefly at 05:30 to take the Armodafinil I definitely would have been up and out of bed by 06:30. It seems to take around a hour for the effects to hit me. I took my usual CILTEP supps then hit the shower in an alert, awake, clear headed, state of mind albeit in a neutral mood. I was anxious about today's meeting for a software application mod I had spent most of the weekend trying to complete. It wasn't finished like it was supposed to be but I had managed to get it in a "proof of concept" state and there was definitely feelings of anxiousness on presenting this to the client. It goes without saying that I was definitely lacking in motivation today having to present this "proof of concept" to a client when today should have been a project handover.
As I got out of the shower my mood and state of mind was plummeting! Brain fog quickly started to cloud my mind, attention span, working memory, judgement, all of it... And FAST! Cooking breakfast was making no sense to me. I was having a simple 3 pieces of toast with butter and peanut butter and just putting that together seemed like an incredible effort. 
My thoughts were rushed, incomplete, absolutely devoid of any logical thought or reasoning and my emotions were non-existent. I was heading back into brain fog/zombie territory but now it was coming on faster and I was taking much more notice of the effect than the previous 2 times.
As this was all happening I finally managed to finish up making breakfast and I ran to the room. I took some Fish Oil, a 50mg microdose of Pramiracetam and 1g of Choline Bitartrate. I do remember considering the CDP-Choline at the time but opted not to as I didn't want to introduce something new to my body just before heading in to a meeting. (crazy huh, I had the time to think that even though I'm self-medicating and experimenting with nootropics and herbal neuro/cognitive/memory enhancers!) I wasn't planning on taking the Pramiracetam or Choline today but my panic senses kicked in as the fog set in and I just did it.
Once breakfast was finished I sort of just walked around the house aimlessly while the kettle boiled for a cup of green tea. All I can vaguely remember at this point was thinking of how I was going to handle the meeting in this state of mind. Terrifying.

Driving to the client site was very interesting. My mood was swinging up and down from one extreme to the other. Extreme happiness to extreme depression. I think the radio and the thoughts in my head were causing the rapid changes in mood. I was unable to focus on both at the same time although during the bouts of the feelings of depression I found myself talking out loud trying to hype myself up. Positive Mental Attitude! It kind of worked haha! The focus would stick to one for about 7 minutes then switch to the other. The drive to work is about 40 minutes.
On top of that I felt like I had to constantly check my mirrors and blind spots for anything around me and having to recheck within a couple of seconds as I had forgotten if there was a car there or not. This only occurred driving down the main freeway to town through peak hour traffic. Leaving home and in the quieter streets near the client site I wasn't overly cautious.

Wow. So much written in comparison to my previous posts and I haven't even gotten to midday!

By the time I arrived to the meeting my state of mind was a bit clearer than when I left the house but still in pretty bad shape. I announced to them that I wasn't on the ball today (shortly followed by apologies) due to lack of sleep from last night . Going through the application mod, I was having trouble recalling functions and methods that were written a while back but the work I did over the weekend was clear in my mind and explaining it to the client was much easier. 

As the meeting progressed my thought processes and mood were increasing and getting easier and lighter. By 11:15 my mood was pretty much back to normal/slightly more positive than normal and the fog was gone.

It's currently 17:00 and my day has continued on as normal. Well, not completely normal. My focus and attention has been spent on writing this entry instead of work. Oops.... I don't feel the need for any caffeine at the moment, I'm quite awake so I'll say I'm done with the supplements for today. I'm going to go home and get into bed straight away to catch up on sleep debt.

Effects: What I find most interesting about today and what I've been thinking about the whole time while writing this entry is that I have been able to recall the majority of my day! That's not to say my entry today fully reflects my whole day thus far as that would defeat the purpose of having a blog centered around Nootropics and my experiences with them. Yes, I admit, I do slip in a paragraph or two that isn't relevant to Nootropics but I gotta make this slightly fun :D
So with that said, I will report and confirm that my memory recall today has been insanely good compared to previous days even with the fogginess encountered this morning haha!

ps. Also, just in case you haven't noticed, I've got a lot more to write about than previous entries. Will they keep growing? Will it taper off, Or will they just go back to a couple of paragraphs!? Ah we'll soon find out.

pps. PHWOAR I just realised I haven't posted up any results from Dual N-Back! I played a few sessions last night which was my first time playing the game. From memory my scores were consistently >90% for Dual 1-Back after 4 or so tries. I had one session of Dual 2-Back and it was pretty much 0%. Need to get used to the game and play a few more trials first. Will do some tonight before retreating to bed.

ppps. Ok so I quickly skimmed over previous entries and I haven't been keeping to my word. Yes. I'm a douchebag. With time constraints and work stress levels reaching an all time high, I haven't done many of the things I said I would with other factors of my life taking priority. (oh what a shitty excuse!) 
Anyways I'll try make more of an effort soon!

------Daily Log------

I'll be using the metric unit instead of the quantity of capsules as the standard measurement for powders and capsules in my Daily Log from now on to make it easier to keep track with the exception of Multivitamins. They will just be the brand name and quantity.

150mg Armodafinil (Generic Nuvigil)

1 * Swisse Men's Ultivite Multivitamin

07:50 (after breakfast)
50mg Pramiracetam
2gr Fish Oil (EPA 360mg/DHA 240mg)
1gr Choline Bitatrate

1gr Fishoil (EPA 180mg/DHA 120mg)

50mg Pramiracetam

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

------Daily Log------

Day 3 - CILTEP (plus a little deviation)

Late night post! It's currently 02:15 and all I can say is "What a day!". I'm just taking a quick break from work so hopefully I can get down most of my thoughts. 

This morning started off great. I felt focused and ready to tackle some work today (Yes it's Sunday but I've got some deadlines to meet this upcoming week for a project I've been working on for months and hopefully going to finalise). All my flu symptoms were gone apart from a slightly blocked nose which was vanquished almost instantly with the Avamys nose spray.

Starting at 08:30 I worked all day with a couple of 30 minute breaks around 14:00 and 20:00. Given the large amount of work I had to do today I deviated a little from my plan and started early on the racetam nootropics. My reasoning was that it would give me the "boost" I needed to get some work done so microdosages of Pramiracetam were added today.
Basically I was stuck in my chair all day therefore I had to take more caffeine than usual to keep my concentration levels up. Last night I was working till 01:30 so I also had some caffeine in the morning at the same time I had the CILTEP supps to give me that little "pick me up" I needed. 

It's very handy having the anhydrous caffeine and just mixing it into some orange juice/green tea. I've filled approx 40 or so size 1 caps with 200mg each, measured with scales with a resolution of 0.001g (purchased just under a month ago), and it's much easier for dosages when I don't have scales. The remainder of what didn't get put into capsules I've got in the bag and using on the occasional morning before I head off to work if I need it. The 20g I bought is almost used up though and I'm still on the search for an alternative. Sulbutiamine? Maybe, but I've read it can also have a tolerance built up to it which would defeat the purpose and my reasoning of ditching the caffeine
I did find myself getting a little jittery after I had my 3rd round of caffeine though and even though I know green tea also contains caffeine, I found it also calmed me down slightly! Say what now?!

Just before a late dinner at 20:00 I suddenly felt a bout of brain fog start to rise. This was definitely the same feeling I had a couple of days back so I smashed down another microdose of Pramiracetam and a load of Choline Bitartrate before dinner and by the time I finished dinner I was back on the desk able to work with a clear mind. It's amazing how quick acting this stuff can be and the effect it has! 

I need to find out if CILTEP is depleting my ACh levels on top of the Pramiracetam. According to other nootropic enthusiasts (read: self medicating test monkeys!) some have been successfully taking Pramiracetam without any Choline supplementation. This is what I tried earlier today but that obviously won't work.

Effects: It's only day 3 and I'm not expecting much change just yet. It's definitely not as hard-hitting as the Piracetam/Choline Bitartrate stack I had started taking a month ago that I so badly felt the urge to start also supplementing with the Piracetam/Pramiracetam and CDP-Choline. That, coupled with stress on my workload, it made it an easy decision to start early albeit throwing away any credibility of my testing and logging of the CILTEP stack.

I didn't use the CDP choline today though, instead I went with the Choline Bitartrate and I've got a few meetings tomorrow so I don't think I'll start it then either. It can wait (so he says!)

I can't really say I feel my LTP increasing/enhancing but what i have noticed is once I'm in the "zone" while working away I can go for stints of uninterrupted work longer than I am used to. Usually I would get distracted or just start browsing the web (a VERY bad habit of mine.... reddit, tvgolo, facebook. Damn you!) but this time around I just kept working away and before I knew it it was lunch time, then dinner time. With that said, the couple of times that I did feel like I was on the verge of getting distracted, I took some caffeine and green tea which kept me on the same level.

I'm still wide awake, I'd say it's the Pramiracetam/Choline that is keeping me up and alert. 

------Daily Log------

50mg Pramiracetam
2 * Fish Oil Capsules (each containing EPA 180mg/DHA 120mg)
100mg Caffeine Anhydrous
2 * Original Codral Cold & Flu tablets

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

2 * Original Codral Cold & Flu tablets

60mg Pramiracetam
100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

2 * Original Codral Cold & Flu tablets
1 * Swisse Men's Ultivite Multivitamin (forgot to take in the morning)

60mg Pramiracetam
1.5g Choline Bitartate
1 * Fish Oil Capsule

------Daily Log------

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 2 - CILTEP

So I ended up getting some severe flu like symptoms yesterday building up from around 10am progressively getting worse till I eventually left work at 14:30. Symptoms of a runny nose, severe sneezing, experiencing mild headaches. I've had this flu come and go for the past three weeks and I'm not sure whether to chalk it up to a bad reaction to the supplements or if it was just a crazy coincidence.
Codral Original Cold & Flu was purchased and a 10mg diazepam generic valium was taken at night to help with sleep. I also have a prescription only nose spray (Avamys fluticasone furoate) left over from the last time I had a bad case of the flu and have been using that to ease my nose.
I can't say how much this would have affected any of the supplements but this morning I was feeling much better.

Based on my own perception of better health this morning (comparing to yesterday) I took the CILTEP supps again. Time will tell if they are the cause of my flu symptoms reappearing although I highly doubt it. At the time of writing this I don't feel anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Maybe I'm allergic to my office?!

Yesterday before I left work I booked an appointment to see my GP get some antibiotics and while I was there I organised to get a blood test done. I'm interested to see how my body levels are doing after years of binge drinking, recreational drug use and overall poor maintenance of health. Lack of exercise, poor diet, insufficient nutrition/vitamins/minerals.... the list goes on...
Something that my GP mentioned which struck a chord with me was how many head injuries I've had in the past...
I sat there and thought for a while and I know I've had a LOT of head injuries mainly from full contact sport and accidents while drunk. Concussions I could count on 2 hands. I don't know the levels of how low/high this and what effects they would attribute to the way I feel about my longer term memory/memory in general but taking into consideration the years of binge drinking, partying, recreational drug use, I know it all adds up.
Just how much, I won't know until I get some formal tests done which I am very keen to do now and move forward from there.

------Daily Log------

1 * Swisse Men's Ultivite Multivitamin
2 * Fish Oil Capsules (each containing EPA 180mg/DHA 120mg)

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

------Daily Log------

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 1 - CILTEP

First day on the CILTEP (Chemically Induced Long TErm Potentiation) stack, a term coined by Immortal Institute Member abelard lindsay. I would like to do this very basic stack 5 days a week for 2 weeks starting today. After 2 weeks, depending on how my body reacts, I'll start to introduce the racetams into the stack. I've only got Piracetam and Pramiracetam on hand. So far there have been positive results with both and the CILTEP stack but I'll read more during these 2 weeks and see which one I'll introduce first.
I've read negative reports on adding Aniracetam to the stack so that strikes that one out. Then there's Oxiracetam I have had no experience with and guess I will try that one out next time I re-up on my supps. Hopefully it doesn't get scheduled before then bahaha

I'm aware that this stack is for LTP but for the sake of comparison, I'll try to do the Dual N-Back game each night (or day?) and will report my scores here. I've never tried the game before but have read that it is a form of training Short Term memory (or working memory). Either way it won't hurt. Plus it will get a baseline started for when I start on the racetams to see what gains, if any, occur.
Will after work/night time be the best time to do these tests after a full day at work?? I'm not quite sure but I think results may vary depending on the type of day I've had at work... 

I will try to post the effects experienced in the following days post. Maybe this will be an indication of how my longer term memory will be working? Haha, yet again something I will need to find out for myself.

Anyway, heres my daily log. I'll just add these at the end of each post

------Daily Log------

1 * Swisse Men's Ultivite Multivitamin
2 * Fish Oil Capsules (each containing EPA 180mg/DHA 120mg)

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

100mg Caffeine Anhydrous

------Daily Log------

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Awwww Yeeaaaaaaaahhhh!

Order from iHerb just arrived! Wow talk about fast shipping!
Can't wait to start CILTEP stack tomorrow morning. I will be starting with the recommended base dosages of

2 Artichoke pills
1 Forskolin 3.85mg
2 L-Phenylalanine pills
+ caffeine throughout the day.

I'm wondering if I should cap up some caffeine anhydrous powder that I have lying around. At least it will put it to good use! But eventually I'd like to phase out caffeine altogether and hopefully I'll find something to substitute it with to

Today I stuck to only Choline Bitartrate again in preparation for CILTEP stack.

2 caps of Choline taken this morning before breakfast
2 caps of Choline taken at lunch around 1:45

I can already feel today my mood has increased, short term memory is no where near as foggy as the previous couple of days.
Still having trouble with motivation in the mornings and still figuring out whether to attribute it to general lack of motivation or due to the choline deficiency/brain fog I encountered.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why won't it just FOG OFF!!! Nah it's getting better :P

I can feel the fog starting to lift! In what seemed like forever I can feel my attention span is getting better*. This morning I only had 2 caps of Choline Bitartrate at 7am and on the way to work experienced a huge bout of tiredness. That was solved with a coffee once I arrived to work. Not sure if that was just me still trying to wake up from last night's sleep or whatnot. I had dreams last night but no where near as vivid as they once were. Also recollection of those dreams were very hard. I did however stay in bed for an extra hour snoozing my alarm. I just didn't have the motivation to get up...

Had 1 cap of Choline on an empty stomach at lunch time. Didn't eat lunch as I wasn't feeling hungry.

I'm still trying to decide whether I should :

a. hold off with the Piracetam until I've got my CILTEP stack and can start that off with a fresh baseline state of mind, then progress with the Piracetam with microdosages and increasing until suitable


b. Start back with the Piracetam and microdose/build up till suitable then start CILTEP.

Now that I re-read the above and think about it more I think I'll go with a. as it shouldn't be too long now till I get the supplements and having a baseline to start off with sounds like the right thing to do.... right?? haha the joys of self medicating/supplementing

I'll continue using the Choline Bitartrate until the CDP-Choline arrives.
Something else which I'm not sure if I've mentioned previously is that I've been taking Swisse Men's Ultivites Formula 1 and have been for a while. I will continue to do so either way I go unless I find any contraindications with my nootropic/CILTEP stack.

*I haven't tried any tests to judge whether it really is getting better (ie Cambridge Brain Sciences games), but I can only go with the "feeling"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Damn FOG!

So it's still sticking around. I know I shouldn't expect it to be gone in one day but one user recommended that the Piracetam usage stop altogether and just continue with Choline to recover from the Choline deficiency.

It makes sense, and reading that Piracetam uses up the ACh in ones brain, I  decided not to take any Piracetam at lunch today. Just 2 caps of Choline Bitartrate

Can't wait for the arrival of the CDP Choline which I hear so much rave reviews about. I figured I would try the CDP Choline first and once finished then have a go at the Alpha-GPC which seems to be a stronger version for Choline. But recomendations for the CILTEP stack advise to use CDP-Choline.

I guess I'll wait until I've read more reviews and experiences.

PS. I'm not focused. this sucks....

Quick update on brain fog + CILTEP

Just a quick post for this morning.

This morning my dosaged consisted of:

3 caps Piracetam
1 cap Choline Bitartrate
1 Swisse Mens Ultivite (Multivitamin)

To be followed later this afternoon by
3 caps Piracetam
1 cap Choline Bitartrate

I chose to go back to the 3:1 ratio and if I experience headaches/brain fog I will adjust my choline as required.

Last night in my zombie state after posting I took 3 caps of Choline Bitartrate to try fight off the brain fog. I also took 2 caps of Piracetam.
By the time I was getting into bed I could already start to feel myself being lifted from the brain fog.

I had a good nights sleep and woke up 10 mins before my alarm (set at 6:30) but still lacked motivation to get out of bed. I got out of bed around 6:50.

I don't think I've mentioned it before but when I started on nootropics my dreams were vivid!! And I was able to recall what I had dreamt whereas previously I would wake up without even giving dreams a second thought. For a long period of my life I never felt dreams played a part of my quality of life but after having experienced proper REM and the ability to recall the dreams, and this coinciding with me feeling less anxious, more motivated and socially alert, I feel I have reached some sort of a baseline to which I aim to reach again.

Also, I've just purchased my CILTEP stack from the US. Hopefully it arrives soon as from what I've read this is a stack I'm really keen on. It's to help with LTP (Long Term Potentiation) or Long Term Memory.
When I have more time I'll post up what I've read so far on it and reference the original creator of the stack.

On a side note: I don't know if its because I've just read about Choline Bitartrate side effects, but just now I'm getting whiffs of what seems like a fishy body odour.... It is disgusting but it may also just be in my head....

Monday, August 13, 2012

not a good day....

Wow.... What a difference it has been not keeping to the schedule and dosages...
Right now I don't feel like I have the flow of words for this post whereas my first 2 posts I could just type and the words would freely flow (freely flow???? really?). Not sure how many times I've written a sentence only to delete it.

I'm going to try recall how last week has been but as I type this I get the feeling I won't be very successful. It is strange though because I feel like last week was amazing, I feel like I got a lot of work done and accomplished a lot, and I guess since this weekend my memory of it has all gone away.

I'm thinking and thinking of what happened last week but no matter what I have huge brain fog right now... It's really bad. I have had it all day and found it very VERY hard to concentrate on work. I'd even go as far to say that I didn't even accomplish anything.
I have been in a complete zombie-like state and I am trying to figure out why. I've read it can be due to not enough/too much choline?? Argh not being able to think is really starting to get me irritated...

I don't think I really have anything else to contribute....

MY PERSONAL NOTE ON NOOTROPICS: If you're going to do it - Find your dosages and STICK TO THE PROGRAM!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nootropic Piracetam/Choline Bitartrate Dosage update

So since my first post I haven't done a great job of keeping to my dosages/schedule....
I had gotten a capsule filler with tamper accessory for which I will submit a link to once I get authority from the vendor to post on my blog.

I've been filling Size 0 Gelatin capsules with the Piracetam and Choline Bitartrate. My scales tell me they can weigh anywhere between 460-520mg per capsule (for either depending on how I had used the tamping tool. It's pretty hard to get them consistent but hopefully I'll find a way.)

After filling the capsules up I had been taking the Piracetam/Choline Bitartrate at a 3:1 ratio. It started off ok. No MAJOR changes to how I was functioning pre-increased dosages.
From my last post I said I would do 3 dosages a day and on that night the one at 7pm kept me active and awake. I didn't get a good nights sleeps so I've gone back to two dosages a day. 6-7am and 1-2pm

Since increasing the dosages to 3:1 i had noticed that I was getting headaches experiencing sleepiness throughout the day. I wasn't able to concentrate on work like I was able to when I started. From my research I've read that this is due to the incorrect balance of choline so I've dropped back down to 1 capsule of Piracetam and 1 capsule of Choline.

Overall I've found that my memory has increased much much more. I find myself talking out loud when I'm doing a task.... maybe this triggers my brain to remember certain things? I'm not quite sure... I can't say I've done any tests for memory but it definitely 'feels' positive. Placebo effect?? who knows

Biggest note is that my social anxiety has dropped. I can definitely say that with the increased memory, I feel that I have much more content to contribute to conversations. This had always been a killer for me, but since starting on nootropics I can say that this is 100% the best gain I've gotten out of it all.

This could all be in my mind but even if it is placebo, it's definitely working for me in a sense that my life has changed positively. Placebo or not, I'll continue living my life the way I am now. It is good :D

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Starting Nootropics!

So I've been reading up and experimenting with nootropics for the past week.
This is just a quick post to get my log started.

My beginning stack consists of Piracetam and Choline Bitatrate.
I started taking nootropics from the 22/07/12 but I was not accurately measuring doses

Method of dosage: Size 0 gelatin capsules filled (unmeasured) which would be approx. anything between 400-500mg.
Dosage: 1 capsule of each twice a day.
Times: ~7-8am and ~6-7pm

So far my response to it is VERY POSITIVE. My work concentration, ability to speak freely, logical thinking, seem to have all improved. Currently I'm a Junior software developer and it feels like I've been able to understand the logic behind the code I'm reading and have been working on so much more!
No negative side effects so far (headaches, nasuea, dizziness etc)

I purchased some scales which could measure to the resolution of 0.001g and today I was able to use them to measure out my doses. I also read on some forums that I should be taking more... but then again, I've also read to take less... such conflicting information on amounts to take but they all come to the conclusion that dosages and the effects they have are different for everybody. As I haven't experienced any of the side effects I've decided to up the amounts I'm taking

Today I had the following:

Piracetam: 3 * 800mg 7am, 1pm, and 7pm
Choline Bitartrate: 3 * 1000 7am, 1pm, and 7pm

I'm yet to do an "attack" dosage but will wait till I have something that will completely stimulate my brain. I'm still reading up a bit more on that.... there's so many different responses.

I've been reading people are also taking Alpha-GPC with Piracetam and Choline Bitartrate. Something I will have to read a little more into.

I will try to update this log often with my dosages and experiences. Hopefully I'll stick to it!

PS. When i took it at 7pm, I mixed both of them with water... it's true what they say, the stuff tastes HORRIBLE!!!!! I definitely prefer taking them in capsules

Pat Riot